The Gas Utility of Choice in Putnam County, West Virginia


In January 1940, Union Oil & Gas, Inc. began its association with the rural resettlement project known as the “Red House Project”. In 1947, the Pine Utility Company was merged into Union Oil & Gas, Inc. By this point, Union was operating its utility business in the town of Winfield as well as the rural areas of Red House, Hurricane, Scary Creek, Mt. Vernon and Teays in Putnam County, West Virginia and Culloden in Cabell County, West Virginia. In this era, Putnam County was a rural area and, for the most part, the service areas consisted of small areas where a few houses congregated. The areas received their gas from taps on gathering and transmission lines in their particular area. Over half a century later, these areas remain the heart of Union’s service area.

Union has been committed to the cutting edge of technology from its inception. From being one of the first utilities to use computers and SCADA systems, it was also the first utility to allow the use of credit cards for the payment of bills. Today, it’s a pioneer amongst West Virginia gas utilities in the use of remote meter reading. Not only will this improve the accuracy of measurement, it will be less intrusive of our valued customers.